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DIY Lashes Cluster

DIY Lashes Cluster

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Even beginners can disguise themselves as lash masters with this series, rivaling the effects of professional lash salons

Key Selling Points

  • 1 Second to Grab, 5 Seconds to Apply, 5 Lengths for Customization – A Must-Have for Beginners
  • Create a Weightless and Imperceptible Lash Experience, Balancing Durability with Lightness – Wear Comfortably for 8 Hours
  • Newbie Plus Practice Edition:  DREAMY Volume Lashes with 280 Clusters – Unlimited Volume, ‘Never’ Runs Out


  • 280 Clusters In 1 Box: 5 mixed-length eyelash clusters that you can match different lengths and shapes to your liking. 4-6 cluster lashes per eye are sufficient, and 1 box of individual lash clusters is enough.

  • The Ultimate Addition to Your Collection: Sunnylas is one of our go-to lashes to add oomph to a look when you want a little extra of EVERYTHING. Volume, length, drama, and glam: it has it all.
  • How to Apply DIY Lashes: Gently dab the cluster lash glue on your natural eyelashes, and then apply the lash clusters in the way you like. If needed, brush a thin layer of sealer for reinforcement.
  • Bring Home the Lash Extension: With just 3-STEP you can get a pair of eyelash extensions that are comparable to salon extensions. The individual eyelashes can be used 3-5 times with the proper care and cleaning. If you have any questions or problems about our products, please contact with us and we will give your quick response and solutions.

Here is our Viral QuickLash Starter Kit! Wave goodbye to long & pricey salon appointments & say hello to at home DIY lashes that are reusable, damage free & you dont even have to leave the house. With hundreds of styles & lengths to choose from, Quick Lashes will be your new obsession!

This starter kit includes everything you need to get started on your DIY Lash journey..

The starter kit includes:

  • QuickLash Black Bond (adhesive)
  • QuickLash SuperStay (set & seal)
  • QuickLash Remover
  • QuickLash Applicator
  • 1 x pack of pre cut C Curl Clusters in your chosen length 

How it Works?

Quick lash Application

Quick Lashes is an at home lash extension system. You can apply your own lash extensions in the comfort of your own home that last up to 7 days. Quick Lashes are completely damage free & all of the lashes are reusable. Quick Lashes are sold in a huge range of styles & lengths so there is something to suit everyone. You will have beautiful lashes without even having to leave the house!


Clean & prep your lashes with a oil free cleanser to ensure your lashes are free from all dirts & oils. Wait for your lashes to be completely dry before you start the application.


Apply your bond, less is more, dab a small amount of bond at the root of your lashes only - do not apply this like a mascara. You can also apply the bond directly to the spine of the QuickLash.


Apply the lash cluster underneath your natural lashes, close to the water line but not touching it. Complete both eyes & wait a few minutes before setting. QuickLashes need to be placed 1-2mm away from the waterline. They are designed to be lightweight and you should not be able to feel them (at all!) – if you can feel them then your placement is not correct, before setting gently remove them and re position till comfortable.


To set your lashes clamp them with your applicator tool for a secure hold then follow with SuperStay along the base of the lashes only to seal.

Application Tutorials

Quicklash Removal


If you remove your QuickLashes correctly the removal will be completely damage free. If you notice a couple of your natural lashes in with the segments whilst removing please don’t panic as your natural lashes shed daily so you have not pulled them out it was just their time to fall out naturally.


Generously brush our remover over the top & bottom of your QuickLashes. Wait 20/30 seconds, then brush through or get a cotton pad & wipe to remove. Repeat if needed.

Once you have removed the QuickLashes you will have bond residue on your natural lashes, repeat the above on your natural lashes until they are free from bond residue.

Do not apply a new set of QuickLashes without cleaning your lashes & eye area first to make sure they are free from the remover residue. If there is any remover residue left on your natural lashes you will not successfully be able to apply a new set.

QuickLashes are all reusable, you need to be gentle when cleaning your QuickLashes - we recommend using our Lash Foam.

Choosing your Quick Lash Style

Explore 4 different lengths

Explore our different styles

General Tips

This could be for many different reasons but we will cover the most common below!

  • Bond - try applying a little more bond on your next application (but be careful with this as you should not be using too much bond) we recommend applying a small amount of bond to your lashes at the base or you could also try to apply bond along the lash spine to ensure you don’t apply too much.


  • Clamping your lashes down - this is really important! Once you have finished application wait 5 minutes then use your applicator to clamp the QuickLashes to your natural lashes for a longer lasting finish. This is what gives you a secure hold. We also recommend doing this as part of your morning/evening routine & after bath/shower.
  • Prep your lashes well before applying - they need to be free from any oils/dirt. Ensure you use an oil free cleanser to clean them. Wait for them to be fully dry before applying.
  • Do not use an oil based cleanser/moisturiser/make up around your eye - you should not use any oil based products when wearing QuickLashes as this will break the bond down.
  • You have excessively oily skin especially around the eye area, this will effect longevity
  • Seal with our SuperStay, this will help with longevity, if your not using SuperStay you are not setting & sealing the bond so your lash set will not last as long
  • Avoid getting your QuickLashes wet, although they are resistant to a little water they are not waterproof. If you do get them wet we recommend not touching them, letting them air dry and then clamping them down again to secure the hold.
  • Ensure they are placed correctly, around 1-2mm away from your waterline, your waterline is a moist area so this will effect your QuickLashes if you apply too close to your waterline and moisture is getting into the bond.
  • Touching your lashes - avoid touching your lashes throughout the day as your hands are full of moisture, oils & dirt and every time you touch your lashes you will deposit these onto your lashes which may effect longevity.

Lashes not lasting long will be down to application - visit our ‘How It Works’ page & watch through our application videos.

If you used remover to remove your QuickLashes you need to ensure all the remover residue has been removed from the QuickLashes before reapplying.

You need to ensure your applicator is clean & free from any bond residue when applying. We recommend using an alcohol wipe to keep your applicator clean. Don’t use the QuickLash remover as this may cause issues with your next application as it may deposit remover residue onto your QuickLashes.

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